16 for 2016 – Don’t Fall for These Holiday Scams!!

It’s that frosty time of year again, when the days are short and the deals online are abundant. And just like last year when we told you about the holiday scams running rampant on Facebook, Twitter and the like, we hoped that in some small way, it would help put an end to cruel holiday scams. But alas, they still happen, and alas even more, … Continue reading 16 for 2016 – Don’t Fall for These Holiday Scams!!


Social Engineering – Holiday Style!

‘Tis the season to be a skeptic. The holiday season is here and despite the warm and fuzzy feeling it might imbue in you, for hackers and scammers, it holds a very different meaning – for them this is open hunting season. and it’s you they’re hunting for. As we have mentioned in the past, a talented scammer can help you part ways with money, … Continue reading Social Engineering – Holiday Style!